The FELISATTI brand had a successful history during the past 70 years, and have always been implementing our tradition of passion and dedication to the development and production of power tools.

FELISATTI is also the introducer of many innovations in the field of power tools.

In 1957, the company launched the world's first portable wood and light metal alloy profile surfacing machine (SF18 model), and in 1961, came the world's first portable rotary and locking table surfacing machine (SF60 model).

At the beginning of 1970’s, FELISATTI received about 400 worldwide patents for various inventions. One of the key innovations of those years was the new generation of miter machines with a rotary table and an inclined head, introduced in 1974. These models had an innovative system used for adjusting and locking up the Click-Clack workbench, which allows you to quickly and accurately set cutting angles. Even today, some inventions from FELISATTI are still used by all the modern miter saw manufacturers.

In 1990s, with the rapid development of industrial cooperation, many of the world's leading brands started ordering power tools and machines from FELISATTI actively, then sold these products under their own brands. In the early 2000s, with the debut of miter saw model RAPTOR and T-REX, FELISATTI set new high standards of durability and precision of cutting angles.

In the context of globalization and international cooperation, the world’s distribution of productivity has changed. FELISATTI also managed to adapt to the changing environment, and look for a new development strategy and new partners. A significant contribution was made by the Russian company "INTERSKOL", who has been for several years the primary partner and distributor of FELISATTI in the CIS. At the same time, through completing manufacturing modernization and taking the most popular products to market, FELISATTI widened the product range in the market. For the first time, professional cordless power tools, rotary hammers, sanders, and etc appeared in FELISATTI product line.

FELISATTI has now been merged into a Chinese Corporation as a subsidiary with headquarters in Shanghai, and established self-owned production sites are located in Shanghai, Yongkang and Ningbo. The main strategy is to provide professionals with ideal power tools that can rival the world's leading brands in terms of quality and service, but at a more affordable price. Our product range covers the most widely-used professional class products, suitable for China domestic market, and also export to the countries from CIS, Eastern Europe and Asia.

Today FELISATTI is a blend of classical traditions, modern technologies and pursuit for high standards!